About Us

Eternal Life Music: a ministry for the Lord, committed to promoting God glorifying music and giving it to you for FREE.

Based out of the Philly, PA area, two brothers in Christ began a Christian Rap ministry under the name “Eternal Life” in the fall of 2007. In December of that year, the group released its debut E.P. – “Honest Effort” to see what the Lord would do with it. In unexpected ways the Lord blessed exceedingly and abundantly through the love and support shown by individuals in the body of Christ. Among the highlights were: various opportunities to minister the word of truth, including a trip to Calvary Chapel Blue Island near Chicago, Ill., to minister at a free youth event where a young lady gave her life to Christ after the concert; a concert at Careview Community Church in Lansdowne, PA, for their Vacation Bible School’s closing ceremony; repeated appearances at events hosted by the Church of Broken Pieces in Philadelphia; and a social media message from a sister who received one of the free cd’s left at a Christian café, stating that she “cried rivers of tears” as one of the songs on the E.P. made her feel like God was speaking directly to her.

The Lord did an amazing thing once again in March of 2009. Weaving lives together as He so frequently does, God connected the brothers with D.J. Vic Padilla, founder of Holy Culture Radio, a well-known Christian Hip Hop website. Impressed with what the Lord was doing with ELM, and their vision for the ministry, Vic asked the brothers to pray about bringing him on-board. Although his time with the ministry was seasonal, Vic made an immediate and substantial impact by creating EternalLifeMusic.com, and suddenly the music was available world-wide absolutely free of charge.

In the Summer of 2009, ELM released it’s self-titled sophomore album: Eternal Life Music. The project was well received by many, and noted for its maturity as compared to the 2007 Honest Effort project. Live performances of select songs from this album are available on youtube at www.youtube.com/EternalLifeMusic.

In 2010, ELM was in regular rotation on Saving Lost Souls radio, a web-based radio station out of Tacoma, Washington.  The group continued ministering live in various places as the Lord provided opportunity, and giving away literally hundreds of free CDs.

In 2011, the group continued to proclaim Christ, ultimately linking up with Family In Christ Outreach Ministries to further advance the Kingdom of God through the unification of varying genres of Christian music and spoken word to impact the world through Christ.

ELM reached another milestone in 2012, continuing to fulfill it’s original vision as ELM released the Message From Eternity E.P., a 19 minute musical bible tract that plays like an extended story rap.  The centerpiece of it all is the “message” itself – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In addition after sending a number of cd’s to various prisons, ELM was blessed with an opportunity to do a live concert behind prison walls.

Over the next few years the group continued occasional live ministry, and continued to develop material for the next project.  They encountered many obstacles along the way from technical issues such as a crashed website and hard-drive, lost material that was unable to be recovered and the various trials and tribulations of just life in general.  By God’s grace, however, ELM released it’s 4th and final project in the Spring of 2017, a full-length testimonial album entitled “Truth, Love & Life.”

Over the years, with a music ministry spanning a decade and simply refusing to allow their God given talents to be buried in the ground, Eternal Life Music has given away thousands of CDs, in addition to uncounted free downloads from EternalLifeMusic.com.  The music continues to be available for free on this site into the indefinite future.

The brothers are humbled by what the Lord has done, and recognize that without the Holy Spirit it would just be music.

“This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:23.

“Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.” Psalm 115:1.