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BET’s “The Celebration of Gospel”: But Where’s The Holy Hip-Hop?

// May 2nd, 2012 // 5 Comments » // Topics & Blogs

Let me begin with this; I will likely offend some people for this blog.   And while offense can be unavoidable at times, my earnest prayer is that you hear the heart behind the words first. If you are willing to do this, going forward there can be healthy debate on difference of opinions and perspective on this topic. The goal here is not to indict any artist whose name or performance is referenced in this blog, but simply bring into focus the sentiments of many who may have concerns about how BET’s Celebration of Gospel special impacts the overall witness of the church. Please know that this is simply a bearing of my heart, which is still undergoing construction and renovation daily. In the end, our call is to stimulate one another to “love & good deeds” (Heb. 10:24).  So let’s get this post crackin……. I’m going in!


brother tb on “The Truth Behind Hip Hop”

// April 23rd, 2012 // No Comments » // Topics & Blogs

You may be familiar with the teachings, ministry or dvd series by G. Craige Lewis wherein he basically states that rap is the devil’s music, and that there can be no such thing as “holy hip hop” because “hip hop” was founded as a false religion by Afrika Bambaataa and KRS One back in the 1970’s. A brother Anthony of Christian rap group Hazakim wrote an excellent article refuting Mr. Lewis’ teaching on many fronts, and in particular on the origins of secular hip hop, crediting DJ Cool Herc as the real founder of “hip hop.” I am certainly no hip hop historian so as to that issue I simply refer you to brother Anthony’s well written article which is available at

The purpose of this blog is to provide the reader with yet further evidence that Mr. Lewis is wrong about Christian rap.