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Truth, Love & Life cover art

Truth, Love & Life (download)


The long awaited 4th and final project, Truth, Love & Life has a testimonial theme, aiming, as always, to speak the truth in love.  This one is a long time coming, but we wanted to be faithful to the call and to show our appreciation for all the support we’ve received over the years.  Thanks and enjoy!


The Message From Eternity E.P. (download)


E.L.M.’s 3rd project, a 19 minute “outside the box” e.p. designed to serve as a musical bible tract effectively delivering the most important message of all time, written before time, i.e., the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Someone said that listening to this e.p. from beginning to end is “like watching a movie.”  Feel free, as always, to copy and pass (“faith comes by hearing…” (Romans 10:17)).


Eternal Life Music (download)


E.L.M.’s sophomore project, the self-titled free album “Eternal Life Music” is noted for its depth, having been referred to as a “gift that keeps on giving.”  It’s been said that this is one of those albums you can listen to without skipping any tracks, but of course there are different strokes for different folks.  Our favorites have to be the ones highlighted by the melodic sounds of featured artist Nicole Danielle.


Honest Effort (download)


The first collaborative e.p. released by brother tb and DJ KinDeezil.  Brand new to the Christian Rap scene in 2007, these bros simply wanted to make an “honest effort” to glorify God with the talents He’d given them.  “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good …  for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”  (Luke 6:45).